Study finds 41% of tenant’s ‘create issues’ and leave repair costs of £210

moneyhouse1A survey conducted by interiors company Hillary’s has found that 41% of tenants have issues with their agents or landlords. The study also found that the average tenant leaves a property requiring £210 of maintenance and repair fees.

The study was comprised of interviews with 2,302 Britons aged 18 or over, all of which owned at least one property to let.

The respondents were all asked about how they felt about letting out their property, to which 25% per cent of all respondents felt nervous about the situation as they had limited control over how the tenants treat their home. The remaining 13 per cent stated that they regret letting their property.

When asked if they had ever experienced issues with their tenants, over two fifths admitted that ‘they have. The top five were:

·         Tenants getting in touch too often about minor or imagined issues (58%);

·         Tenants making modifications in the home without gaining permission (41%);

·         Neighbours complaining about tenants (26%);

·         Tenants causing damage and expecting landlord to cover costs (23%);

·         Tenants not paying rent on time (18%).

Landlords who thought their tenants contacted them too frequently with minor or non-existent issues were asked how many times a month they heard from their tenants. The average was found to be four times per month, or once a week.

Finally, landlords were asked how much on average the repairs, general maintenance and cleaning required once a tenant moves out cost them. The average answer was £210.

In order to protect your investment as a landlord, the NLA offers a tenant check service which provides comprehensive background checks to ensure that your repairs and maintenance costs remain at a minimum. Also included are comprehensive background checks that ensure you choose the correct tenant for your property.

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