Calling all lettings experts!

Rugg ReviewAnyone who has been involved in the lettings industry for a while, and has taken any interest in how we are regarded by the powers-that-be will have heard of the ‘Rugg Review’.

The review, conducted by Dr Julie Rugg and David Rhodes of the University of York was published back in 2008 and helped inform the then Government, and each subsequent incarnation about the PRS.

Unusually for a review of PRS behaviour and regulation it was actually pretty positive about the private sector and helped keep (most) policy initiatives sensible –  for a little while at least.

OK, but that’s nearly a decade old!

Exactly. That is why the Nationwide Foundation has allocated funding to repeat the review in 2017, and they need your help.

Returning research fellows Rugg and Rhodes have issued the following call for evidence:

“It is nearly ten years since the publication of The Private Rented Sector: Its Contribution and Potential, which aimed to create a more nuanced understanding of a highly complex market and consider appropriate policy responses.

The Nationwide Foundation has funded us to repeat the exercise with a particular focus on:

  • how the current PRS is operating in terms of demand and supply and variation in local rental markets;
  • aspects of the PRS deemed to be problematic, and obstacles to finding solutions;
  • demonstrably effective policies dealing with those issues.

As part of the Review, we would be grateful if you could forward information relating to your local private rental market.”

We at UKALA are very keen to make sure that the new review is as informed as possible and think that letting agents are well placed to provide a wealth of insight.

If you agree, and would like to contribute please email your thoughts and observation in relation to the points above (including whereabouts you are based) to: by 1 September 2017.



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