UKALA’s response to the ‘letting fees ban’ consultation

Untitled-1UKALA has responded to the Government’s consultation on its proposal to ban fees to tenants.

The Association does not support the proposed ban and has called on the government, post election, to return to the drawing board – working with the industry rather than against us.

Full details of UKALA’s response is available to download below:


What happens next?

Post-election the new Government will be able to take the consultation into account, or dismiss it as it sees fit.

However, it is clear that no party seems to disagree with regulating letting agents. In practical terms, who ever is in No. 10 will have to be seen to consult with industry but it would be a ‘brave’ step to rely on a consultation exercise interrupted by an election campaign and purdah.

As we outlined in an earlier blog, in order to go ahead with such a policy, any government has to be satisfied that it has met Cabinet Office guidelines on proper consultation of interested parties.

Normally, this is fairly simple as they just need to demonstrate that they listened to the right people for the right period of time. This time around, the delays associated with the election could open government up to a judicial review of any future decision.

Given this state of affairs it is likely that they will return to square one – at least in terms of re-running the consultation. At which point there is another opportunity to convince the government of the say to re-think once and for all.


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