What’s your deep dark secret?

top-secret-1239728Being a letting agent can be a very strange job at times. I know that was my experience anyway. For one thing you meet a lot of people, some of whom are a bit dull, some genuinely interesting, some odd, and occasionally they can be pretty terrifying.

What do I mean?

It always strikes me that you never know what might be waiting for you when you go to work as a letting agent.

For example, I remember clearly:

  • The day I went to carry out a routine check-out inventory to find all of the floorboards – not floor coverings like laminate or engineered wood, the actual 21mm tongue and groove pine boards which had previously been nailed to joists – had been removed and taken away.
  • The time I sent a couple of students off with the keys to their brand-new flat, only to discover that the builders had forgotten to re-fit the doors before knocking off for the weekend.
  • The unforgettable moment when one of my fellow negotiators returned to the office white-as-a-sheet and without the clients he had taken to view a few local houses, explaining that he had chosen to abandon the viewings when the two young ladies had explained what line of work they were in and asked if they could negotiate the rent in an ‘unconventional’ way.

Not to mention the paranoid tenant who left traps, the slightly unsound gentleman who used to hide in dark rooms and jump out when we visited for quarterly inspections or dozens of cases of the wrong keys, stuck doors, the odd naked tenant. The landlord who hadn’t moved out and had to borrow the new tenants’ removal van to make his exit, or one dog the size of a shire horse that I would rather forget.

There’s more to us than fees

At a time when letting agents seem to be in the news for all the wrong reasons, we’d love to hear some of your stories about the weird, wacky and downright odd incidences which are ‘all in a day’s work’ when you make your living letting property.

Post your memorable story, or stories (the more the merrier) in the comments section below, and the anecdote judged most entertaining will win its author £20 of John Lewis vouchers.*

UPDATE: whilst comments are still most welcome, the chance to be judged the most entertaining has now passed! (updated 1/3/17)


*Please try to keep it clean, we may have to moderate ‘inappropriate’ stories. The judging process will take place on 1 March 2017 and will be completely unscientific. The lucky winner will be contacted shortly after. 



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1 Response to What’s your deep dark secret?

  1. AlanE11 says:

    It’s not exactly funny, but I remember a very strange sequence of events about 15 years ago with a flat my company let and managed in Manor Park. These were new-build flats, close to the station, and this particular one was on the 2nd floor. We got a call early one morning to say that the new tenants had been burgled and could we confirm that we hadn’t lost (or given out) the set of management keys we held – as it looked like someone had just let themselves in.

    Long story short, we confirmed our keys were safe, but agreed to change the locks to make sure no former tenant or contractor could get in. In fact we fitted high-tec (for the time) laser cut keys which had to be specially ordered in. Anyway, about three months later we get another call reporting a second burglary and find out that something similar had happened to one of the neighbouring flats.

    We were all at a loss, and the tenants were arguing they should be able to surrender the tenancy (couldn’t blame them). We only found out what was going on by accident when a family coming home from holiday in the small hours of the morning saw a van being reversed close to the building, after which a man climbed onto the roof, from the roof to a Juliette balcony on the first floor and then up to the unlocked balcony door on the 2nd floor.

    Anyway, police were called and the van tracked down. It turned out these guys had done the same thing at least 4 times previously, but always left discretely by the front door leaving no sign of how they got in. They even had the cheek to use one lot of tenants own suitcases to take away their loot.

    Needless to say we started advising all tenants to lock windows and doors no matter what floor they were on and recommended landlords fit alarms!

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