New Year ….. too dear?


Wishing in the New Year, should be a time for cheer.

But this time around, all I hear is many a sneer.

So hats off to 2016,

What an experience it truly has-been,

All that’s left to do is vent one’s spleen.

And say…

Never again will we see such a day,

A time,

When so many were accused of a crime,

Committed by few,

While many, many knew,

The disease –

Personified by shiny suited sleaze,

And houses full of fleas,

Could not simply be appeased by banning those dratted fees!

So give some thought,

to what last year brought. 

Think of the threat,

The hardworking sweat,

And never forget the pound, after pound, after pound

Sure to be lost in this political battleground.

So welcome 2017 – with changes foreseen, 

As you never do know what you might get, 

After-all – we’re not quite done yet!



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