Keep on top of your game

There’s been a raft of new legislation announced recently that will affect the lettings industry, so now is probably a good time to be thinking about whether your staff are up to speed and equipped to meet the expectations of your clients in general.

Staff development is the key to a successful business and the best way to improve knowledge and competence across the entire organisation.  In reality reviewing the training needs of your business and keeping an eye on what development opportunities exist should be an ongoing matter, but the agent’s role rarely provides time for thoughtful contemplation so it’s not always easy to find the time.

In this blog we provide you with a reminder of what UKALA can offer you by outlining some of our most popular one-day training courses that will equip your staff with the knowledge to operate the day-to-day running of a business effectively and develop a better understanding of the lettings industry on the whole.

And thanks to our unique relationship with the National Landlords Association (NLA), UKALA members are eligible to attend all of the below courses at discounted rates.

Agent’s foundation course

This course will help you to develop your professional skills with real value for money. It is the foundation level of knowledge required for agencies wishing to become accredited with UKALA and it offers the opportunity to network with other property professionals and discuss face-to-face ideas, problems and solutions to a range issues including:

  • Your duties and relevant lettings laws
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Client money protection
  • Referencing and vetting tenants
  • Setting up a tenancy
  • Managing and ending a tenancy
  • Common issues facing agents and landlords.

Safer Homes

This course will give you the practical guidance you need in order to provide a safer home to tenants. The course covers legal obligations and best practice. It offers examples of where things can go (badly) wrong if you don’t stay on top of everything.  It covers all the key issues that are central to providing a safe home, including:

  • Gas, fire and electrical safety
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Maintenance issues including working at height and construction design & management responsibilities
  • Condensation and mould
  • Asbestos management
  • Water supply and control of legionella
  • Safety notices and product recalls.


This course will give you a detailed understanding of how to gain possession of a property and allows you to participate in practical workshops to go through the process and make sure you get things right.

The course covers the various types of possession claim forms, including Section 21 and Section 8 – including an outline of the relevant grounds for possession under Section 8. By the end of the course you’ll also understand what to expect at court hearings for possession and it will leave you equipped with top tips to make sure you avoid harassment and unlawful eviction.

Go the extra mile

If you’ve already attended one of our courses and are looking to develop your or your staff’s capabilities further, then UKALA Agency Accreditation is the next logical step.

UKALA Agency Accreditation is based on agent development and good management practice.  It is a mark of quality as a responsible agent to set yourself apart, and a national scheme which offers greater consistency for all agents, landlords, tenants and councils to recognise.

As the pressure on the lettings sector intensifies and consumer awareness rises, accreditation will also provide a clear business advantage, as landlords and tenants – looking for a reputable agent – can be assured that your business is a safe bet.

More information

Find out more about UKALA Agency Accreditation, or our training courses today.

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