The London Rental Standard and why accredited agents lead the way

You may have seen the news that the Mayor of London’s landlord accreditation scheme – aka the London Rental Standard or Boris Badge – has reached 115,000 London homes inside its first full year of launch. So far, 307 letting agents in the capital have signed up, including some of London’s biggest names.

The scheme recognises the high standards that many agents already display and aims to improve standards and training in every agent branch where necessary, so that Londoners can ‘rent with confidence’. The scheme is also supported by a range of commercial partners who offer discounts and incentives to those who sign up.

How does it affect you?

Well, UKALA is  an accrediting body licensed under the ‘Boris Badge’ so if you’re a London-based and UKALA-accredited agent, then you  qualify to display the London Rental Standard badge, which shows that you’ve met the Mayor’s set of core commitments and training levels to offer tenants a better, more professional service. These include transparent fees, better property conditions, better communications between landlords and tenants, improved response times and repairs, and protected deposits.

How does it affect agents away from the capital?

Accreditation is growing. Some 40 local councils across England now offer an accreditation scheme for local landlords and agents, and rumour also has it that a national accreditation standard could soon be on the way.

UKALA accreditation is already a national scheme, and through our close links with the Government we’d play an important role in shaping any new initiative and ensuring that it recognises all UKALA agents who’d already made the effort to become accredited.

Why become a UKALA accredited agent?

UKALA accreditation will help your staff to understand your responsibilities to tenants and to give them the knowledge you all need to protect from mistakes which can incur hefty costs and leave tenants disgruntled.

As well as standard chalk-and-talk style courses you can also become accredited online, including the ability to create personalised development accounts for up to five members of staff – meaning you each take it all at your own pace, and for free!

For information about what it takes to become a UKALA accredited agent, visit

And for more information about the London Rental Standard visit and

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